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Focusing on policy recommendations in Cambodia

Focusing on policy recommendations in Cambodia


As part of its remit to ensure that the experiences of DELGOSEA’s pilot cities feed into the policy development on national and regional level, the project team is encouraging and facilitating the partners from the five project countries to develop policy recommendation to improve national legislation and administrative procedures to favor good governance.

Cambodiawas the last of the countries to hold its national workshop, concentrating both on these policy recommendations as well as on the wider field of sustainability and advocacy. The specific aim was to come to come to a final version of the policy recommendations and to develop strategies for advocacy and sustainability; around 70 participants from pilot cities, local government associations (LGAs), civil society, media and academia got together in Phnom Penh from 2 -3 May to ponder these questions.

During both working group and plenary sessions, the workshop explored the lessons that were learnt through the replication of best practices – not just by the pilot cities, but also by the National League of Communes/Sangkat (NLC/S),Cambodia’s LGA, and other stakeholders. Concrete questions such as how to make best practice documentation available after the end of the project, how to continue to share best practices with other cities and how to support the pilot cities in the future led to animated discussions. Many suggestions were put forward and will find their way into the final policy recommendations and the advocacy strategy that will be developed under the leadership of NLC/S.

The participants were delighted that NLC/S will be at the core of a future network for best practices and knowledge sharing and that several organisations, including NLC/S, KAS Cambodia, CCSP and MOI, came forward with offers of support for the initiatives in the pilot cities Kampot and Choam Chao – the future looks bright.