| News | From Pilot to Best Practice City – Vinh City Inspires Ha Tinh

From Pilot to Best Practice City – Vinh City Inspires Ha Tinh

From Pilot to Best Practice City – Vinh City Inspires Ha Tinh

Viet Nam

Not long ago, Vinh City was just beginning to learn how to implement a best practice replication, taking a project from the Philippines and adjusting it to fit the local conditions in Vietnam. Now, only eight months after having started to introduce the Eco-savers programme in Vinh, the city finds itself sharing their expertise with another Vietnamese city, Ha Tinh.

Vinh City is replicating a project from the Philippine city of Marikina, where the councilors came up with an ingenious concept, killing two birds with one stone: in cooperation with local schools, who encourage their students to collect recyclable waste, the city is dealing with the problem of household waste while at the same time encouraging environmental awareness in the younger generation.

The project has taken off at full speed in Vinh City, with three schools taking part in a pilot scheme, all of them managing to exceed their target for recycled waste. The monthly ‘eco-days’ are well popular and the second-hand shops in the city are happy to be on board. It is planned to extend the scheme to more schools in the coming school year.

The effects, both on the city environment and people’s consciousness, are already being felt: one student sums up the attitude of many when she said, “my parents are very supportive and want me to participate in the programme because it helps to save the environment.” This was confirmed by a teacher who added: “Thanks to the implementation of the project, students seem to be more aware – when they walk in the school yard and see rubbish they pick it up and throw it away.”

This simple idea which benefits the community on various levels, caught the eye of the vice chairman of Ha Tinh, a city close to Vinh in Southern Vietnam. Facilitated by the Association of Cities in Vietnam (ACVN), DELGOSEA’s local government project partner in Vietnam, a delegation of councilors from Ha Tinh visited Vinh in March to get an impression of the project in action and to learn more about how to introduce it in their own city.  The councilors were so impressed that they have immediately begun to replicate the programme in four schools in the city and are hoping to integrate the Eco-savers activities in their annual workplan.

ACVN played a vital role in setting up this cooperation, both through publicizing the replication activities of Vinh City and by giving reassurance and support to Ha Tinh in their endeavor. This cooperation is just the beginning – more cities both in Vietnam and other countries are keen to get involved. The case of Ha Tinh shows how the networking efforts of a local government association (LGA) can be instrumental in getting such projects of the ground. They help to create a snowball effect, with more pilot cities becoming examples of best practices themselves.

Meeting with Ha Tinh city delegation




Day of “eco-day” in the Hung Dung Primary School No 1