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Looking Ahead to the Final Conference

Looking Ahead to the Final Conference

It is hard to believe, but the DELGOSEA project will soon have reached the finish line– by the end of October, the last reports will be written, the last bills paid and the project team will be looking ahead to new challenges. Before that point is reached, however, there will be one last conference drawing conclusions and discussing the future of the DELGOSEA network.

The final conference will take place in Bangkok on 7 and 8 of August 2012, bringing together over 100 participants, representing the project partners and local government associations (LGAs), pilot cities, best practice cities, academia, media, national governments and CSOs – and, of course the DELGOSEA project teams from all five countries.

Over the course of these two days, the topics to be discussed will range from the question of the impact of good local governance projects, the successes of the pilot cities and the outcome of the project evaluation to sustainability issues such as the role of LGAs in best practice replication as well as new initiatives and next steps for reaching the goal of good local governance in all ASEAN countries. Looking at mechanisms and systems of cooperation between local governments and institutions that safeguard their interests will help put the discussion about sustainability into a global context by presenting examples of such cooperation from outside ASEAN.

The aim of the conference is to develop a strategy for a permanent dialogue on democratic local governance on the regional level. For such a dialogue to be meaningful, it has to be based on concrete experiences, which is why the stories of the pilot cities are of such importance. These have been extensively documented and will be presented at a market place session on the first day. The participants will also be looking to develop an exit strategy to secure sustainability and project results.

Last but not least, the conference will also be an occasion to celebrate the successes of the pilot cities and the enduring friendships and networks that have developed over the last 2-½ years. DELGOSEA as a project might be finished soon, but the DELGOSEA network will remain vibrant and strong.