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Pilot City Profiles Updated

Pilot City Profiles Updated

As the 16 DELGOSEA pilot cities are making great progress in the implementation of the best practices, the DELGOSEA Communication Office thought it would be time to honor their progress with a new look of the respective pilot city profiles and the website.

7 new features were introduced to the pilot city profiles over the last few weeks. Here's a brief overview:

  • Every pilot city now has the option of posting a picture banner on top of their profile, showcasing the projects currently being implemented.
  • Below the picture banner, there is now a short summary about the background of the best practice being implemented and an update on the current progress of each pilot city.
  • The key facts have been rearranged, so that it is easy to find the most important information. The most relevant facts and figures about each pilot city are available at first glance.
  • All other information has been neatly condensed for download and has been moved to a separate download section for pilot city documents that can be accessed through every pilot city's profile.
  • Another new feature is the collection and regular update of all news related to the particular pilot city on the bottom of each profile. Easy access to all the related news!
  • To make it easier to get in touch with the pilot cities, all profiles now feature a contact box in the upper right hand corner.
  • Another feature that might come in handy is the updated logbook. On each profile you will be informed about the latest three activities of the pilot city. For all other developments, you can know conveniently download the complete logbook as a PDF file – which is regularly updated.


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