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Planning the Future of the DELGOSEA Network

Planning the Future of the DELGOSEA Network

After two intensive and productive days in Siem Reap, Cambodia, where the latest DELGOSEA workshop took place from 3 to 4 August, network members are confident that plans for expansion of the network and national as well as regional advocacy are progressing well.

The first formal meeting of the newly established Standing Committee for Democratic Local Governance under its newly elected Chair, Ms Li-Ann de Leon from the Philippine League of Municipalities, set the tone for the rest of the workshop. Priorities will be the expansion of the network to the five ASEAN countries that are not yet represented (Brunei, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar and Singapore) and encouraging the existing members to focus on national advocacy and institutionalizing local government associations (LGAs) in their countries. A potential new member from Laos, the Learning House for Development, was present and was formally asked to join DELGOSEA.

An overview of the current activities of DELGOSEA members in each country provided proof that the former pilot cities are still going strong with quite a few, for example Kampot in Cambodia, Vinh City in Vietnam and Tarakan in Indonesia, extending their original remit and becoming best practice cities in their own right. Clearly, the eco-savers model of how to involve schools in recycling, implemented by all three cities, is seen as relevant around the region. New best practices are also being developed in all countries for sharing amongst the wider network in the future.

The research into the needs of local governments and CSOs in each country regarding regulations and laws on local governance is continuing well. The network members decided to have a first draft of a policy paper from each country based on the results of this research ready for discussion at the next meeting in November 2013.

Much of the workshop was spent looking ahead to the November meeting as well as the planned DELOGSEA II conference in January 2014. The aim is to have representatives of potential new members from the remaining five ASEAN countries attend, as well as representatives of Ministries of Interior from the current member states – all in preparation for establishing a formal relationship with ASEAN in the near future.

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