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Printed - DELGOSEA Publications Ready & Available

 Printed - DELGOSEA Publications Ready & Available

DELGOSEA is proud to announce that the following publications have been finalized and printed:
Best Practices Volume 1: People’s Participation in Planning and Decision-making;
Best Practices Volume 2: Institutional Governance;
Best Practices Volume 3: Urban Inclusive Services;
Best Practices Volume 4: Fiscal Management and Investment Planning.

These four volumes are the outcome of a long and thorough research procedure, taking place between April and July 2010. Internationally renowned experts on local governance compiled a shortlist of 27 examples out of hundreds of submitted projects. The selection was based on the following key criteria:

  • high transferability potential to other countries
  • the impact on the living conditions of the local people
  • institutional and financial viability
  • project sustainability

The four volumes feature best practices within their respective thematic area. All volumes contain an introductory part for the respective thematic area, a short summary as well as a detailed description of the best practices.


Publication of Textbook and Curricula/ Teaching Guidelines

In addition to the best practices, DELGOSEA is now publishing the textbook and curricula/ teaching guidelines. Both volumes are an outcome of an international working group assigned to develop training curricula, teaching guidelines and a textbook for the use of facilitators. These facilitators or coaches are supporting the selected pilot cities during the replication process. The training curricula as well as the textbook have been used for capacitating 70 experts coming from Local Government Associations, NGOs and pilot cities. The experts were trained on facilitating the replication process of best practices on local governance in Southeast-Asia. During an extensive 10-day training held in Pattaya, Thailand, 2010, the training materials have been tested, reviewed and finalized. 

The first edition is the textbook which is a resource tool for all those involved in local governance. It has been specifically developed for facilitators, external experts and local stakeholders who wish to learn more on best practices in the four thematic areas:

  1. Peoples' Participation
  2. Institutional Governance
  3. Inclusive Urban Public Services
  4. Fiscal Management and Investment Planning.

 The second edition consists of the training curricula and teaching guidelines. The publication is divided into three parts:

  • Part A is the training curricula which has been designed for a seven day period;
  • Part B are the teaching guidelines for the four thematic areas;
  • Part C provides information on training methodologies.

All publications – the training curricula/ teaching guidelines, the textbook as well as a detailed description of the selected 16 best practices – are also available for download on the DELGOSEA website Additional hardcopies can be requested at the office of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in the Philippines (