| News | Setting the Tone of DELGOSEA Best Practice Replication in Manluna-Binkisu Clusters

Setting the Tone of DELGOSEA Best Practice Replication in Manluna-Binkisu Clusters

Setting the Tone of DELGOSEA Best Practice Replication in Manluna-Binkisu Clusters


About fifty key stakeholders met on 17 January 2011 at Naawan, Misamis Oriental for a coordination meeting on Best Practice (BP) replication process for MANLUNA (Manticao, Lugait, Naawan) and BINKISU (Binuangan, Kinoguitan, Sugbongcogon) Clusters. The meeting was also joined by DELGOSEA Project Manager Susanne Stephan and National Coordinator Crescencio M. Doma, Jr. of DELGOSEA who support the local government units in bringing up the clustering aspect to enhance the BP replication process.

As a result of this meeting, a Joint Workshop on Transfer Concept Development shall be facilitated by DELGOSEA-Philippines for the clusters to come up with two separate transfer concepts by February 2011.

In the coordination meeting, two main component activities planned for the second phase of DELGOSEA Best Practice (BP) replication were thoroughly discussed; Technical Working Group and Tourism Development Plan. In the case of MANLUNA, it followed up the plan from previous Conference of Mayors to issue an Administrative Order to create the MANLUNA BP Replication Technical Working Group (MWTG), and therefore BP Transfer Concept. In the context of MANLUNA and BINKISU clusters, it discussed the development of a Tourism Development Plan. To further discuss its own BP replication plan, BINKISU cluster requested a separate meeting in early February be conducted.

MANLUNA and BINKISU will adapt replication of the successful best practice by Phuket in Thailand on Preserving Old Town Architecture and Reviving Traditions as Tourist Attraction and Economic Driver.

Back in 13 August 2010, the MANLUNA and BINKISU Clusters of Misamis Oriental signed the Memorandum of Understanding on DELGOSEA Project Implementation, having chosen to replicate the aforementioned Phuket BP. Naawan Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator, Salvador M. Almiñe, was among the identified coaches invited to participate in the recently conducted Capacity Building Workshop for Local Coaches in Pattaya Thailand. After the workshop, Mr Almiñe presented the detailed Phuket BP model to the MANLUNA and BINKISU representatives, highlighting the significance of cultural tourism, investment in urban environment and landscape improvement programs to better city/municipality’s development objectives.