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Short Memo: Evaluation of Tarakan

Short Memo: Evaluation of Tarakan


On 6 June 2012, it was Tarakan’s turn to receive Dr Marion Fischer, accompanied by the DELGOSEA National Coordinator for Indonesia, for an external evaluation.

It was a full day with an agenda that included a meeting with decision-makers and all members of the Tarakan Working Group (task force), and afternoon visits to two pilot schools: Junior High School SMPN 01 Tarakan (which had received the ADIVIYATA Award from the President of Indonesia in June 2012), and the elementary school SDN 018 Tarakan.

While the full evaluation results are not yet available, it already became clear that the success of the TALING project is closely related to high government commitment and a high degree of people participation  (community and media) in support of the project. The government also began to explore the involvement of the banking sector in supporting the project. The responsible government officials plan to not give rewards to pupils in form of gifts for collecting recyclable garbage, but reward them in form of savings in the bank which - later on - can be used, for example after students graduate from the elementary, junior or high schools.

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