| News | Short Memo: Pakkret Conducts Domestic Exchange Visits

Short Memo: Pakkret Conducts Domestic Exchange Visits

Short Memo: Pakkret Conducts Domestic Exchange Visits


On January 28 – 30, after getting inspiration from their best practice city Solo in Indonesia, representatives from Pakkret went to different cities in Thailand to learn more about the preservation and development of old markets.

Fifty representatives from the municipality, municipal staff, experts and members of the task force visited sites in Takaopa municipality, Pang-nga province and Phuket. Phuket is one of the DELGOSEA best practices cities as well which enabled the visitors to gain insights into a community-based economy and sustainable city.

In Takaopa, Mr. Suntisuk Nathalang – vice mayor and DELGOSEA coach – explained to the visitors from Pakkret how the municipality and its constituents cooperate to develop the Cultural Street of Takaopa. Dr. Tasanee Aikvanich – Director of the Medical Department in Phuket and DELGOSEA Coach – received the visitors in Phuket. They discussed how to preserve and develop the old Phuket town together with the community.

Concludingly, Ms. Petchada Wetchasri, Director of Technical Services and Planning Division of Pakkret Municipality and coordinator of the taskforce said: “this study visit was very fruitful for our taskforce to move forward in our project replication of Pakkret Old Market. It encouraged and inspired us to investigate the history of the community, find out our identity, and implement the action plan to make our market an attractive cultural tourist spot for Nonthaburi Province. Pakkret Municipality is ready to support the community to achieve to their dream… .”

Reported by
Ms. Rungnapa  Kimnguansong, Tchnical staff of Technical Services and Planning Division, Pakkret Municipality and Secretary of taskforce

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DELGOSEA Coordination Office

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