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Short Memo: Pangkalpinang Assessment of Fisherman Area



On 26 April 2012 Pangkalpinang Fishery Office together with representatives of a consortium consists of 17 profit companies did an assessment in Tanjung Bunga, a fishermen area where the government planned to centralize the marine tourism activities.

The visit then followed up with a meeting on April 30th to divide the work among them: to build the road access, to provide equipments, to train fishermen to use equipments and its maintenance.
To speed the replication activities, two major activities are now being prepared aiming to boost fishermen's economy by providing fishing equipment and infrastructure for marine tourism program (provision of fishing equipment such as outboard motors on fishing boats, motor boats, and fishing gears; and building construction of fish sales and seafood stalls in coastal areas).
These three major activities will be supported by the Corporate Social Responsibility of the consortium. Beside that a 30,000 mangroves per year or a total of 90 000 mangrove in three year will be planting instead of the initial plan of 27.000,- mangrove planting for three-year. The mangroves seeds are currently being prepared by the Bangka Botanical Garden. Other activities such trainings for fishermen will be continuing carried out by the Marine and Fishery Office.