| News | Short Memo: Wakatobi Investigation Team At Work

Short Memo: Wakatobi Investigation Team At Work

Short Memo: Wakatobi Investigation Team At Work


In order to monitor directly the replication progress in the field, the monitoring team of Wakatobi Working Group, consisting of several members from different departments, conducted a monitoring activity on January 8, 2012 in Wangi Wangi, Wakatobi.

'The Investigation Team' (as named by the Working Group) found that there is already some progress in the schools and the harbor. Children are more aware of how to keep the environment clean. One small example which has been reported by the children but also observed by the team is the following: When the pupils eat snacks and there are no bins around, they will not throw trash on the floor or out of place like they did before but rather put it in their pockets or bags. Then, they drop it in the next trash bin they find. The harbor and ships are cleaner (including its toilets) and people are more disciplined and eager to keep their sea, ships, and the harbor clean. The investigation team also discovered one local fishery company which operated without a good waste disposal system.

The efforts towards building more awareness need to be continued as this will lead to a healthy lifestyle and environment for everyone. All findings and recommendations will be presented to the Head of Regency and at the Working Group Coordination meeting.

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