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Transnational workshop in Phnom Penh

Transnational workshop in Phnom Penh

Best Practice Examples on Local Governance from municipalities in Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam presented in transnational workshop in Phnom Penh (DELGOSEA).

During the three day workshop from 10th-12th June 2010, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, the EC co-funded project “Partnership for Democratic Local Governance in Southeast-Asia” (DELGOSEA), presented the outcomes of the research assessment on best practice examples from local governments/municipalities from five countries in Southeast-Asia.

After two months of extensive research assessments on best practice examples/success stories in local governance, the project partners and Local Government Associations presented the first time the results in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Out of a pool of 27 proposed best practice examples from Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, the partners and key stakeholders finally selected 16 best practices for replication to other pilot places. The best practices have been chosen in four thematic fields: 1) peoples participation in planning and decision making, (2) institutional governance, (3) urban environment and (4) fiscal management/investment promotion strategies. The following local governments/municipalities have been chosen as best practice:

Theme 1: Peoples participation in planning and decision making

(1) Thailand, Khonkaen City: City Council

(2) Vietnam, Vinh city: People community participation in upgrading the old collective housing areas

(3) Cambodia, Toul Sangke Sangkat/Commune: People-Private-Public Partnership to (PPPP) to improve local infrastructure

Theme 2: Institutional governance

(4) Indonesia, Yogyakarta: E-Government as the Breakthrough to Enhance  Government Performance and Services

(5) Indonesia, Kartamantul: Local Government Cooperation Innovation

(6) Thailand, Prik Municipality: Good Governance

(7) Philippines, Guimaras: Participatory Urban Planning

(8) Vietnam: Lang Son city: Institutional Innovation

(9) Cambodia, Battambang Municipality: One Window Service Office Pilot program

Theme 3: Urban environment

(10) Thailand, Udonthani City: Constructed Wetland

(11) Thailand, Muangklang Town: Low Carbon City

(12) Philippines, Marikina City: Marikina Eco Savers Project

(13) Philippines, Olongapo City: City Disaster Coordinating Council

Theme 4: fiscal management/investment promotion strategies

(14) Indonesia, Solo: Peoples’ Oriented Approach in Rearranging Traditional Market and Street Vendors for a More Liveable City

(15) Thailand, Phuket City: Old Phuket Town

(16) Philippines, Tubigon: Tubigon Mariculture Project

The project is now finalizing cooperation agreements with pilot local governments/municipalities willing to replicate the best practices in their localities. A short-description of the selected best practice examples will be published on the new project website ( – to be launched end of July) soon.

Before the implementation and replication process of best practices in the pilot places can start, the project is facing the following next steps: development of training curricula for coaches from Local Government Associations accompanying the replication process at the respective pilot place, training of trainers/coaches, capacity building of civil servants and other key stakeholders at the pilot place, and the development of tailor-made transfer concepts for BP replication.

The workshop from 10th-12th June 2010 was hosted by the National League of Communes/Sangkats of the Kingdom of Cambodia (NLC/S).