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What’s Happening in the Philippines – the Pilot Cities Share their Ideas for 2013

What’s Happening in the Philippines – the Pilot Cities Share their Ideas for 2013


As part of a series looking at the development of the different pilot cities after the end of the DELGOSEA project, we are asking this month: what are the three Indonesian pilot cities, Alaminos, Bacolod and the two municipal clusters in Misamis Oriental doing in 2013?

The ‘One Pangasinan Alliance of Local Government Units (OPAL)’, an alliance of one city and six municipalities on the Philippine island of Luzon, based around the city ofAlaminos, had chosen an example from Thailand. The best practice from Udonthani, where a wetland for waste-water treatment had been constructed, appealed to this area with its many natural waterways. By the end of the official DELGOSEA project period, the the construction of the wetland had begun in Alaminos City and it is progressing well. The waste-water will be channelled into a series of ponds for natural waste-water treatment before releasing the water back to the canal system that will ultimately drain into the waters into the Hundred Islands National Park. OPAL plans to construct further wetlands in the future.

There is good news from Bacolod, where the public-private-people partnership (PPPP) project of constructing a Youth Home just received 3 million Pesos (around 73,000 USD) from the Department of Interior and Local Government, as part of the funding needed to construct the Home. This grant is in addition to money raised by the private Virlanie Foundation and the efforts of the community to build the home that is designed to help children and teenagers in need. The support is in line with the Department’s programme for LGU’s ‘Seal of Good Housekeeping’, and Bacolod is very proud to have qualified for as part of the award scheme. Construction is scheduled to start in the second week of March and the Department of Interior and Local Government will be monitoring the progress of the project.


In Misamis Oriental, the two clusters ManLuNa and BinKiSu that are keen to develop their eco-tourism potential while at the same time experimenting with new ways of inter-local cooperation, the activities that begun as part of the DELGOSEA project are continuing as planned. Further steps are being taken to strengthen cooperation between neighbouring municipalities and the issue of green governance has received some welcome attention. For the coming months, the clusters plan to investigate further the sustainable use of resources, to expand their eco-tourism activities and to encourage the revival of local traditions in an attempt to protect the cultural heritage of the region.

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