| Status | Activity Documentation | #18: Final Conference, Awards of Pilot Cities and Dissemination of Results

Activity 18: Final Conference, Awards of Pilot Cities and Dissemination of Results

Status: Finalised; Month: 7th - 8th August, 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand

Brief Description

In August 2012,  the Final Conference concluded the Best Practice replication under the EU co-funded project. Additionally, the conference allowed for discussions amongst partners, Local Government Associations (LGAs), representatives from National Governments as well as representatives from EU and ASEAN on the topic of the future of the DELGOSEA Network and transnational local governance.

The conference focused on two different areas. The first half of the two-day workshop was focused on concluding Best Practice replication and highlighting the lessons-learned from this process. The other half of the workshop enabled all stakeholders to discuss the future of DELGOSEA as a transnational network of stakeholders pursuing good local governance in Southeast Asia.

The specific objectives of the conference were:

  • Participants get an overview about what has been accomplished by the DELGOSEA project in the 30 months of project duration so far.
  • Participants get an impression of how best replication took place and what lessons can be drawn from the different approaches.
  • Participants discuss individual and collective opportunities towards improved sustainability of the best practice replication and network of stakeholders involved.
  • Participants understand the future role of Local Government Associations (LGAs) for best practice replication to its members.
  • Participants understand the options of an institutionalised DELGOSEA networkin the ASEAN region.

Key discussion points/lessons learned:

  • Pilot Cities shared about their replication process, challenges and obstacles as well as adaptations and opportunities which arose.
  • Local Government Associations shared their ideas of how best practice replication can be integrated into their services.
  • The Local Government Associations are the main stakeholders to sustain, strengthen and spread the best practice implementation processes.
  • Representatives from ASEAN and National Governments discussed all viable options of how to sustain the DELGOSEA network and institutionalize it.
  • An agreement could be come up with that shows that further integration of good local governance on the ASEAN level is vital.


Quantification of Results:

  • 1 press briefing and various interviews involving media representatives from 5 different countries during the market place session and during the conference.
  • 16 pilot cities introduced their projects and status of replication by setting up respective booths and providing discussions during the market place session.
  • 150 representatives from national and local governments, civil society, media and academia agreed on a joint declaration.
  • Over 80 organizations and individuals received awards and certificates for their commitment and support of the DELGOSEA network.

Qualitative Results:

  • Participants exchanged information on processes, challenges and solutions during the best practice transfer process.
  • Local Government Associations shared their views on a sustainable integration of best practices into their regular member services.
  • Government officials shared initiatives related to the sustainability of the DELGOSEA network as a transnational entity to promote good local governance.
  • Networking amongst pilot cities, best practice cities, LGAs and national govnerments has been strengthened between the five countries.

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